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About Red Oxx - July 8, 2020
Jim Markel CEO of Red Oxx Manufacturing

Our Story – Origins of the Oxx

The History of Red Oxx Manufacturing – Est. 1986. Humble Origins – from Calf to Oxx. All journeys begin with a first step. For Red Oxx this step was taken by CEO Jim Markel’s Veteran father, Jim Senior. After Jim Senior, Capt. Ret. completed his 20 years of military service, including time spent as a

News and Events - June 30, 2020
12 Reasons to own Red Oxx Gear

12 Reasons to Own Red Oxx Gear

Red Oxx Manufacturing was first established in 1986 by former veteran Jim Markel Sr. Later he sold the company to his son, current CEO Jim Markel Jr. Read more about us here. "If you’re looking for a bag that’s genuinely made in America, one that will last a lifetime, then you’ve come to the right

Gear Reviews - June 20, 2020
Red Oxx Gear Gets You There and Back

Carry-on Camping – Is Red Oxx Gear Tough Enough for Mother Nature?

Red Oxx Gear is field tested tough and ready for any camping adventure. Check out our favorite bags and camping necessities.

News and Events - June 17, 2020
Billings, Montana's Trailhead

Start Your Montana Vacation with a Red Oxx Factory Tour

Vacation in Montana this year and stop to visit Red Oxx and get a free factory tour and advice on where to go in the Treasure state.

Gear Reviews - June 15, 2020
The herd sports a Red Oxx Woodcut and Bullseye shirt.

Back to S’Cool – Cool Tools for Back to School – Red Oxx Recommends

Vacation in Montana this year and stop to visit Red Oxx and get a free factory tour and advice on where to go in the Treasure state.

Red Oxx Overlanding - June 1, 2020
Camp Kitchen Cleanup Make Easy

A Cleanup Tip for Your Overland Cooking Adventures – Video 4

LEAVE NO TRACE When I’m out in the wilds of Montana on an overland adventure, I dislike seeing trash scattered around. Montana is a beautiful state, leaving garbage ruins the experience for those of us who care. I’ve lived by "Leave no trace" all my life and this is how people should remind themselves to

Gear Reviews - April 29, 2020
Red Oxx: My, what big zippers you have!

How to Pack Your Red Oxx Bags Videos

Handy Packing Tips At Your Fingertips Here at Red Oxx we live the carry-on, overland, and roadtrip lifestyle. As part and parcel of our travel philosophy we’ve learned to travel light and pack tight. Here are some helpful videos packed with packing tips from CEO Jim Markel and Kasey Austin, Vice President and professional tour

News and Events - April 10, 2020
Rooibi the Rhodeian Ridgeback relaxing in the park

A Tail of Two Leashes – A Story of Gratitude for Furry Friends

Is your emotional support animal already tired of your company? I was out walking my Chilean Bristleback aka Rhodesian Ridgeback on a sunny Sunday. With the whole town eerily quiet we set out on a neighborhood adventure. Boss Rooibi has really developed a personality over the last few years. I think she’s determined that at

News and Events - April 5, 2020
Red Oxx Government Contract Capability Statement

Red Oxx Government Contract Capability Statement

Veteran owned since 1986, Berry Act compliant. Manufacturing quality sewn soft goods for government contracting agencies. Unrivaled Lifetime warranty. 

Red Oxx Overlanding - March 21, 2020
How to Make Camp Coffee with a Jetboil and French Press

How to Create Quick Camp Kitchen Coffee- Video 3

GASTRONOMIC COFFEE EXPRESS Let’s say you enjoy good camp coffee, either as an quick pick-me-up or perhaps with your dinner… Enter the Jetboil gas-fueled portable camp stove. This "Jetboil Flash Cooking System" gets water boiling fast. The French press attachment gives you speedy fresh coffee and makes it a worthwhile addition for your overland camp kitchen. Cowboy coffee,