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Graduate Gift Ideas from Red Oxx

Red Oxx has your Graduate Gift Ideas Covered


Is your favorite graduate finishing up their college degree or jumping off from middle school to Junior High or stepping out into the wild world as an educated adult after acquiring a Masters or PhD? Check out our favorite Graduate Gifts, no matter what they have achieved there’s a perfect present for any one.

Rad Grad Gifts Give Forever While Growing Up. For the Younger Graduate:

Get your Middle School to Junior High Graduates started right with the gift that will keep right on giving until they are packed up and gone (we have a few ideas for when that time comes, too). There is no tougher backpack on the planet than the K-12 Kat Pack Backpack. This uniquely shaped backpack is the ideal book bag due to it’s rectangular profile.

Red Oxx K-12 Kat Pack - ready for a lifetime of use

Inside there’s a slip pocket for a laptop and a spacious raised pocket in front for loose items. The Kat Pack School Backpack zips neatly down both sides like a clam shell for quick access to the inside. Our trademark tough #10 YKK zippers will resist the orneriest kid’s attempts at destruction and the Ballistic Nylon bottom will last through every kid’s on-the-way-home bag drag. From Grade School to Grad School, the K-12 Kat Pack Backpack is an American made backpack that is warranted for life.

Style and Function Working Together. For the High School Graduate:

Alas for the High School Graduate coolness and style is a fact of life. The Red Oxx Rucksack series is the perfect "cool" pack for a kid crossing the verge of adulthood. Ridiculously handsome and built like a tank, the C-Ruck Rucksack and the Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack can not only tackle the rough years of college but also the long hiking trails during summer breaks.

Both rucksacks feature top-loading main compartments with a flip-over top flap to keep the elements at bay and twin raised tall side pockets for those occasional trips to the grocery store– they’ll hold a large bottle of soda or a carton of eggs or a package of Oreo’s. Called the C-Ruck for its carry-on capacity, the C-Ruck is two inches wider than its little brother the Roadster Mini Ruck (also carry-on legal).

Both rucksacks include an interior laptop sleeve, our unique articulating padded shoulder straps for easy-wear on/off, and plenty of zippered flat pockets for storing smaller items. Whether your High School Graduate is on there way to College or a post High School trip to the Caribbean, Red Oxx Rucksacks are the perfect "cool factor" backpack Graduate gifts.

Red Oxx Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack is made in Montana

Let’s not forget making the vaunted trek to the Laundromat more forgiving — check out the over-she-shoulder carry fold-able and pocketly portable Laundro Bag is the way to go. It even folds down to fit in a pants pocket.

For those who are getting ready to roadtrip across the country and prefer a duffel soft-sided style bag, the Safari Beano’s PR-5 is an award-winning duffel bag that launched a whole series of alternate sizes, some carry-on legal, others ready for checked flight, all suited for stuffing in the trunk or back of your SUV.

Every student mixes it up with their colleagues on social media. What better way to protect and to serve their social needs than to surprise them with the best electronics communication and social media bag on the planet: introducing our Micro Manager every day carry tablet bag. The Micro Manager EDC bag doesn’t look like your typical tablet bag, and for good reason — who wants to advertise expensive electronics? Said self-labeled "bag guy" Kurt – "…I’m happy to say it’s EXACTLY what I wanted!". In just a short period the Micro Manager has racked up over two dozen impressive 4 and 5 star product reviews.

Be sure to outfit that communications graduate or social media connected kid with something to organize all the wires, batteries and chargers electronic communications require nowadays with a Lil Roy Gadget Bag. This handy little bag features twin mesh see-through storage compartment inside and is sized just right to slip into any of our recommended graduate gift bags.

Red Oxx Micro Manager tours downtown Billings, Montana.

The Bold and Fearless Graduate Desiring to Explore the World. Adventure Gear that Won’t Let Them Down.

Not all High School Graduates are on their way to College. Some desire to escape from their parents lair and explore the world. Here, Red Oxx has them covered. For Grandparents looking for a gift on a smaller budget, the Red Oxx Nomad Toiletry Case is a popular choice. One fair lady visits our Red Oxx Factory Showroom and makes off with 30 Nomads every spring!

You can even fill it with grooming goodies to complement the case – they’ll need some grooming instruments to look good, even for Zooming!. Try filling the Nomad or Lil Roy with a SEKI Edge Nail Clippers, Toenail Clippers, a forever-sharp trim Scissors to trim their newly discovered facial hair. While not made in the U.S.A., SEKI Edge products are solid quality and hand-finished in Japan using classic Samaria steel, highly recommended.

And finally, throw in some beard grooming products to help smell nice. Or you can try stuffing them all into our Possibles Pouch, it’s fun!

For the Graduate who wants to adventure, regardless of danger, the Tres Hombres Convertible Backpack, with it’s long storage compartments that can even accommodate a pair of Scuba Fins. During their first romp around the country your Graduate will likely bring home a gaggle of souvenirs, with the Tres Hombres now they can "compressdown" their backpack to fit the trunk of their rig for the drive home.

Now your younger graduates can keep up with their bigger, taller, older, siblings with a Lil Hombre, a scaled down version of the vaunted Tres Hombres.

Setting Off on a Career. For the Grad School Graduate:

Are your graduates heading out to "learn code" or some other IT support job? Get them a C.C. Rider Laptop Messenger Bag. The C.C. Rider was a popular Red Eye Collective limited edition that landed a spot on our mainline production floor due to demand. Popularity has its upticks! This is THE messenger bag of the century! Over a decade in development, the C.C. Rider floored reviewers with its thoughtful layout and sturdy build.

Red Oxx C.C. Rider Laptop Messenger Bag

Many Grad School Graduates are ready to mix it up in the business world. Red Oxx introduced the little brother to our famous Air Boss, the Mini Boss Compact Carry-on to roaring success.

Designed to move a business man, or woman, with agility and speed around the country, the Mini Boss will actively and securely carry your precious laptop in a special "hanging" interior sleeve, along with a set or two of casual and business attire strapped down in the second compartment. Originally sized with International Airline overhead bins in mind, the Mini Boss will help your graduate travel "like a Boss".

Both of our tough laptop briefcases got some updates and upgrades recently. Both the Metro and it’s bigger brother the CPA Laptop Briefcases now feature the same padded hanging laptop sleeve borrowed from the Mini Boss. Other improvements include a more accessible side pocket, more useful interior pockets, and a sleek and innovative "trolley sleeve" so they can attach their briefcase to a rollaboard carry-on.

Not all graduates seek an on-going education. Some chose to learn a trade instead. Red Oxx offer tough solutions for tough trades. Many trades require learning to use a variety of tools to support your work. Here’s where getting your graduate something that will withstand abuse and will be appreciated for their entire career. Check out the Big Bull Roll-up, a ballistic nylon strong tool roll bag with plenty of see-though pockets to store a plethora of different sized tools.

CEO Jim Markel expounds in this video on all the reasons to shop Red Oxx for your favorite graduate:

So whether your graduate is growing up or going away, Red Oxx has them covered … for life!

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